The shriveled hearts of noir

Here’s Loren Eaton writing about Back on Murder, my first Roland March novel, at his blog “I Saw Lightning Fall”:

… when violence inevitably comes crashing down like a ball-peen hammer on an outstretched hand, it’s as gritty as anything you’d expect from established hardboiled scribes. Bertrand even lends a certain poetic grace to the tough bits. After a brutal beating, an informant’s “eye opens, the blue cornea bright in a red sea of burst vessels.” The final shuddering seizures of a gut-shot gangster become a “saintly spasm,” his gaze “rolling heavenward in agony, brows arched in acute pain.” And when we finally learn the nature of the tragedy that haunts March, it comes in a scene so wrenching, so raw, so downright mean that it’ll likely thrill even the shriveled hearts of the noir set.

The whole post is worth checking out.

One thought on “The shriveled hearts of noir

  1. I just finished Back On Murder. It is the best book I’ve read in a long time. I’m old enough to know that the book will still be there in the morning, yet, I stayed up past 2 a.m. reading! Roland March is a great character; tough and yet his humanity is just under the skin. The fact that Charlotte continues to love him and stays with him makes him even more appealing because she is obviously a strong woman who would not put up with him if there were not something in him that’ s worth staying around for. I especially appreciate that there was no profanity in your story at all. It wasn’t necessary; your ability to capture feelings without it amazes me. Thank you for several hours’ worth of reading pleasure! I have already purchased the next book and am looking forward to it.

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